Helping Your Gut Health

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Why is gut health important to your well being?

Having a healthy gut is a major factor in your overall performance, body composition, and health. (You can read our last blog post on signs of a healthy gut.) If you have broken digestion the following can affect your:

Performance: Spending recovery energy trying to heal your digestive tract takes away from the recovery of your skeletal system and connective tissues. This can result in slower recoveries from workouts or nagging injuries not getting better faster.

Body Composition: Broken digestion results in overall inflammation and stress in the body. Stress inhibits body fat being burned efficiently. Therefore, our bodies will more likely burn carbohydrates instead of fat as they are much easier to garner energy from.

Health: when the gut is in a constant state of stress the body starts to see inflammatory reactions that can lead to a path of cardiovascular problems, depression, and more.

So what can you do now to start helping your gut?

Food Hygiene: Start chewing your food more. Eat in a relaxed or calm state, rather than rushing.

Food Quality: Choose foods that are natural and not processed. Eat organic.

Food Bioavailablity: Pick foods that are easy to break down. Pick foods that are high in nutrients and are also easy to break down.

Food Quantity: Find the correct amount of food for YOU that satiates you and does not overwhelm your gut.

Sleep, Stress, and Training Intensity: Are you sleeping enough? Is your stress so high that you are not able to break down food properly. Are you training too hard? Would lower intensity workouts work better for you so your gut can heal?

Food Time and Fasting: We need time to recover from our workouts, fasting allows our digestive system time to rest. Do you eat every couple of hours and make your gut work all day? Do you give your gut a break for 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours daily?

State of Mind: Are you in a sympathetic or parasympathetic state when eating? Are you in calm state to digest or are you watching some screen or rushing?

Health is more than an exercise program, it involves all aspects of your lifestyle including gut health. To get started on your health journey with a Coach who truly cares, send me an email:)

Jenika Gordon