How's Your Gut Health?


Having a broken gut limits your overall health and well-being. No matter how much organic or grass fed meals you eat, you will not be able to digest efficiently. Moreover, broken digestion will limit any growth to your goals.

So how do you know if your gut is unhealthy? Here are some signs and behaviours associated with poor gut health.

1. Upset Stomach: are you constantly bloated, have gas, or burp often?

2. Poop: no one likes to talk about it, but it is a clear sign of an unhealthy gut if you have constant diarrhea, are constipated, or have undigested food in it.

3. Taking daily NSAIDS (advil, ibuprofen): these over the counter drugs are hard on the health of the gut lining.

4. Sleep Disturbances and Fatigue: if your sleep is disrupted or you find yourself fatigued without an explanation, there may be a chance your gut is not functioning properly.

5. Anxiety, Depression, Moodiness: poor gut health can impact your neurotransmitter production

If you have some of the above signs and want to learn more about how to have a happy healthy gut please contact me. The individual program design includes more than just training plans, it also covers nutrition, lifestyle, and gut health.