JNG Client Karen’s “WHY” For Individual Program Design


Not sure what an individual program design can do for you? Check out Client Karen'‘s WHY for starting one and what RESULTS she has seen in the last 6 months.

Name: Karen; Age: 39 Occupation: Data Analyst

How long have you been training? With JNG Coaching – 6 months. With Group Classes - 5+ years

How often do you train? 3 days/week. This includes 2 individual program design days + 1 group class.

Why is your health important to you? I want to enjoy a fulfilling quality of life with my family, To keep doing my favourite activities and to be fit enough to try new ones.

In 6 months I have been able to check off 7 Goals including...11 strict ring dips. losing 10+lbs. Leaning out while maintaining my strength...

Benefits of training in group classes: My favourite part of group classes is the camaraderie you build with other people when you sweat, learn and develop skills together. I get inspired by others who can already do what I aim to do and its fun!

Benefits of individual Program Design. The main benefit for me is that I’m able to focus on and develop the movements or skills that I want to master. I know that every workout is targeted for my own personal development. Another huge benefit for me is the time flexibility factor. I have a family to care for, I work full-time and do contract work part-time. My schedule is full and can change from week to week. It’s important to me that I can workout according to my schedule and not be restricted to a set class time. 

What did you hope to accomplish by starting your own program? I had a long list of goals and my hope was that with purposeful programming and focus, my goals would be tangible, achieved, and then re-set. For example, on my list of goals was being able to do 10 unbroken strict pull-ups and ring dips, having a 1 rep max deadlift of 95 kg and a 1 RM bench press of 54 kg. I also wanted to lose weight and lean out without losing strength.

What have you accomplished so far, in the 6 months of individual Program Design? I’ve been able to check off 7 goals: I am now able to do 11 strict ring dips. I have lost weight and leaned out while keeping my strength. I’ve reached 3 deadlift goals, hitting 95 kg, setting a new goal of 105kg, reaching it and then achieving 106 kg. In terms of bench press, I reached 54 kg, 55 kg and now 57 kgs. My new goal is now 60 kg, which is now my new bodyweight (10+lbs lighter than 6 months ago).

What are the benefits of doing Individual Program Design along with the group classes? I get the best of both worlds with individual program design and group classes. Every week, I work on my own personal goals and then go to a group strength class that complements my training. In the group class, I like being able to talk with my classmates who are also doing individual programming to share about how our programs are going.

What would you tell someone about having Jenika as a coach? Jenika is a professional and extremely personable coach. She takes the time to understand where you’re at, determine what is manageable for you, and how to progress you towards your goals at a pace that is achievable and realistic. I appreciate that she programs my workouts in progressions, so that I learn correct form and technique from the beginning and build upon that. As my strength and confidence grows, the program adjusts with me so that I am always challenged or if I get sick, I can scale back until I am well again.

How do you feel now, at this age and fitness level? I feel so strong and healthy! I am in better shape now and am more active than I was in my 20s!

What other parts of your life have benefitted from your training? My overall self-confidence has grown and I feel empowered to be more vocal than I would have been in the past. My nutrition has also greatly improved and together with my training, I fit into my old smaller-sized clothing again!

What would you tell other people about doing Individual Design Programming. Start Now! :) I have seen the largest number of improvements and achievements in these 6 months with individual programming than in my 6 years of going to group classes alone. I tried to design my own program, but it was too time-consuming to research what exercises to do to achieve my goals. With individual programming, the “work” is shared. My coach does the purposeful planning and my job is to do the workouts to see the results for my goals.

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