Basic LIfestyle Guidelines


Even if you haven’t started an individual design program, there are some simple guidelines you can start following to increase your overall health.

GET UP and go to bed at the same time: Following your circadian rhythm can have a huge impact on your food digestion and stress.

CHEW your food: Can’t stress how important this one is. The digestion process doesn’t start when food hits your stomach, it starts with chewing. Saliva starts the breakdown of food so you can actually absorb the nutrients from these foods.

MOVE: do it daily or frequently! Blood flow is the master to recovery.

COOK your food: cook real good and eat nothing processed.

WATER: Drink minimum 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces a day

SUN: allow for 45 minutes of direct sunlight a day. Check out why on our blog post here.

CHILL: Lower your anxiety. Read a book, go for a walk or whatever helps you come down from you day. Find a way to turn it off.

Jenika Gordon