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Jenika is passionate, positive and authentic—she genuinely wants her clients to be successful. From the first day I walked into her gym, she instantly made me feel comfortable, and made the effort to get to know me both as an athlete and as a person. She has a knack for pushing me out of my comfort zone on a regular basis, and with her knowledge, consistency, constant motivation and support, I’ve made strides in my fitness journey that I didn’t realize were possible.
— Megan, 33

“Trust Jenika’s methods. She is very good at reading people and pushing them to what they're capable of and helping them to grow beyond that. She is also super down to earth and awesome to talk. Not only is training functional and great for your physical health it is incredible for your mental health. The workouts are a great way to release negative energy. Training has helped me get through a lot of personal issues the last couple years, and I don't know what I would have done without Jenika!” —Chelsea, 28

“Jenika is truly amazing. She is very strict on form and because of her coaching methods I have never been injured.” —Trudy F., 60

“You’re not going to get anyone more committed or skilled than Jenika. She has changed the way I eat, think, and feel about fitness. She has a way of instilling faith and confidence in yourself that makes you want to challenge yourself; not just at being fit but in other ways of life. Jenika also doesn’t let you get away with anything, but in a good way that makes you proud she thinks you can do it. And you can.” —J.H., 70

Jenika has an excellent eye and encyclopedic knowledge about the human body and fitness. She can quickly and accurately analyze where you’re at and what you need to work on. Based on that, she recommends appropriate modifications and provides insightful guidance about what to focus on. You don’t have to be fit to start. The point is to get fit, no matter where your starting point is. Jenika will adapt everything to your fitness level. Being too intimidated to start training is like saying no to a pick-up game of street hockey because you’re afraid it’ll be like the NHL.
— Michal, 41

“Jenika is a great coach that sees everything, corrects my technique and makes sure my workload is right for me on every exercise.” —Phil, 69

“Jenika learns your body’s patterns and gives you technique cues and additional strength exercises that helps address any weaker areas. She knows when you can be challenged a bit further or when you should build more slowly.” —Karen, 39

Jenika’s coaching gives you a mindset that lets you believe you can achieve other goals, personally and professionally. I just spent the month of October trekking for 26 days in Nepal. We climbed 2 summits, each over 5,000 meters. It was the most daunting thing I’d ever done and if I didn’t have the physical strength and mental mindset learned from training with Jenika, I’d never consider doing it.
— Jane H., 70

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