Individual Program Design


Individual Program Design can work for you whether you already train, are doing group classes, are working through an injury, are burnt out, or not seeing continued results from your existing program. Purposeful programming allows clients to continue to expand and grow in their health and fitness year after year.

What you’ll have:

Certainty and empowerment in a program designed so every movement, workout, and meal brings you closer to your goals.

Accountability, encouragement, and motivation from your Coach, Jenika.

Nutritional guidance and health support to help with meal planning, sleep, stress, and mental blocks.

A monthly coaching check-in to review results and make changes in support of your continued success.

How it works:

Step 1: Book a Consult

This is an in person or phone meeting where Jenika gets to know you better and get familiar with your goals and motivations. We’ll take a detailed look at your lifestyle, sleep schedule, stress levels, nutrition, and current limitations. And of course, we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Assessment + Testing

The first 1–3 sessions we will be assessing your current capabilities, testing how you move, identifying your strengths and limitations, and more—everything needed to design your Individual Program Design. This will be done in person with Jenika unless you are a remote client. If training remotely your first 1-3 weeks will involve testing and assessment and be set up for you on the True Coach app and done at your specific gym. Clients find this time highly educational and beneficial to their training.

Step 3: Start Your Program

Your Individual Program Design will be emailed to you at the start of every week through the True Coach app. This will include your daily workout, demo videos, places to record your results, and give you daily email access to Jenika. You’re workouts will be reviewed weekly.

Step 4: Monthly Check-Ins

Every month we’ll have a 30-minute phone or video check-in to review your progress, assess your goals, go over your nutrition progress, and discuss any questions you may have. Adjustments and updates will come from your Coach ensuring the program evolves with you.


Ready to get started?