How does individual program design work?

Check out the coaching page for a step-by-step look.

How much does it cost?

Check out the pricing page for all of the program options with costs listed.

What are some the of the benefits of an individual program design versus group classes?

First and foremost, you and your coach look at the other 23 hours of the day you are not training at class. Your individual program design includes your whole lifestyle: nutrition, stress, sleep, rest, and recovery and more.

What is True Coach?

True Coach is an online app that has your weekly workouts, a place to track and record your results, video demos, as well as real time messaging with your Coach.

True Coach app for JNG Coaching

What if I train at home or I don’t train at the same facility all the time?

Jenika can design your program based on your exact needs and the space you have available to you. For example, one of our clients trains Monday at her office gym, Tuesday to Thursday at Jenika’s facility, and Friday at her own personal home gym. Your program is revolves around the access and availability you have.

How are these programs different from other ones I’ve tried online?

This program is individually designed for you. This is not a quick-fix program marketed to multiple people where you hope to radically change your diet and exercise habits in a short period of time. Your coach builds your program around your fitness assessment, your goals, and what’s important to you.

I’m new to strength training and regular workouts. Can I do this?

Absolutely! Step 2 of the assessment and testing allows Jenika to program according to your needs and training experience. Your program will be emailed to you weekly and includes video demos, a place to track numbers, and real time messaging with Jenika daily. You can also book 60 minute private training sessions to work directly with Jenika. Check out the Why You Need to Lift Weights blog for a better understanding of what this type of exercise does for your body.

I decided to start with the 3-day sample workout but there are some terms I don’t understand. Can you explain?

Each workout begins with a warmup that provides a specific focus to begin the session. Feel free to modify as you need to or add additional mobility work. Choose weights with your ability and the purpose in mind (i.e. lighter for warmups, or challenging but able to complete all reps with good form within the rep range given).

Supersets: When you see a number next to the same letter, the exercises are to be performed together in sequence.

For example:

A1) Back Squat

30X0; 4–6reps; rest 60sec x 3 sets

A2) Push Press

3012; 6–8reps; rest 60sec x 3 sets

This means to perform 4–6 reps of the Back Squat at tempo, rest 60 seconds, then do 6–8 Push Press at tempo and rest another 60 seconds. Repeat this sequence two more times.

Tempo: We use tempo training for better quality of movement, lower risk of injury, and to increase strength. When you see four numbers (or an X) with an exercise, this tells you the speed in seconds for each component starting with the eccentric (down) movement. X means as fast as possible in an explosive movement. Even if a movement starts with an upward motion, such as a pull-up, begin counting the rep with the downward component.

The order of the tempo numbers is always Down, Hold, Up, Pause

For example, a back squat with the tempo of 30X0 would look like this:

3 – Moving smoothly, use 3 seconds to squat to full depth

0 – Hold for 0 seconds at the bottom (do not pause)

X – Explode up as quickly as you can

0 – Start the next rep after 0 seconds (do not pause between reps)

Be sure to count each second fully.

Not all movements will have a tempo, depending on their complexity and the goals of the workout. Each workout has been thoughtfully designed for effectiveness as well as providing breaks where free movement is encouraged.

When choosing loads, follow the pointers in each workout and make sure you can complete all of the reps for each while staying in tempo.

What does it mean to perform a 10min GRIND – move with purpose?

On day 3 of the program you are introduced to the 10min Continuous GRIND prescription. This is a coaching tool to help give athletes permission to move with purpose and focus less on the total work load you can accomplish. Make it your focus not to perform the most rounds possible, but rather execute the movements perfectly, choose loads that make you slow down and simply grind through.